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In Cameroon

Friends, I am writing this sitting by the small desk at Hotel Franco in Yaoundé, Cameroon, a nicer hotel than the name with all of its historical and political baggage may imply.

I am here to see money from at work. I follow the work at Global Viral Forecasting Initiative – an amazing project, it seems, and I am learning more by the hour. This will be the very very last thing I write for the book. The presses will start rolling February 2nd.

I am here for just three days, which is absurd, considering how far I have travelled to get here. What I have seen so far surely motivates me to make my way back here sometime…

More reports to come whenever I get the chance. Thursday, we’re out on a long trek in the jungle, but we hope to make it to a television set by five – Cameroon will then take on Tunisia in the African football championships. Nobody here wants to miss it, me neither!

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