My name is Andreas Ekström. I am a writer and speaker working from Sweden – or anywhere in the world.

The unstoppable feed

When offered to buy some "space" in the Metaverse, by all means, go ahead. Just please make sure that you don't neglect your territory in Second Life.

The fantasy of an invention that will fix climate change also carries the fantasy that we will be able to live as before. I think we need to apply an innovative approach to our habits as well. If you believe so much in change and progress in tech, why not in yourself too?

Making arrangements for a September gig in London: morning train from Lund via Copenhagen and Hamburg to Cologne. A night out and a sleepover there. Next morning shuttle via Brussels to London. I don't care for the night train, but if I did, it'd be under 24 hours. Can't wait!

Jag tänker ibland på att ändra min byline och bli Andreas Ekis Ekström. Helt utan kommentar, bara ändra plötsligt. Vägra förklara.

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