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The biggest, most exciting and potentially best piece of news from Google that I have seen in the time I have reported on Google came last night.

* Google will refuse to accept censorship on the search engine results in China.

* Google considers shutting down if those demands aren’t met.

* Google considers shutting down all Chinese operations, and will begin negotiations with Chinese authorities immediately.

All of the background can be read in a post from Googles chief legal officer David Drummond here.

Personally, I think this is wonderful news. If there is anything in the Google world I have had a hard time accepting, it’s the policy in China. Google does have the power and the importance needed to stand it’s ground and really making a difference by doing so. Finally, that path will be explored to the fullest.

This is more than ”don’t be evil”, this is ”be good”.

And guess what? I have a phone call to make. My publisher need to make sure that I can make some small adjustments to my book…

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