In the home stretch

Just got home from Cameroon, where I have been finishing the chapter about Google’s philantropic arm by visiting an initiative that Google is funding: Global Viral Forecasting Initiative. An amazing experience, and as far as the reporting goes, something I have yet not seen in any other book about Google. I feel good about adding some unique values, albeit in Swedish!

One thing that concerned me initially was the level of unique content – what could I tell that wasn’t told already? Turns out there are so many interesting people to talk to and so many possible stories about Google that that really hasn’t been a problem. It’s just been about deciding what not to write…

Since I am in the middle of finishing, I mean really finishing, the book right now, I am scattered-minded like an idiot. I don’t pay attention to anything. And small, tiny questions become huge important problems for me to solve. I am slowly losing not only my mind, but just my general feeling for evaluation of quality… And that’s why I need an editor, a publisher, someone who knows his shit.

Lucky for me, I do.

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