First: Who am I? The basics can probably be boiled down to one sentence. A lengthy one. But for your reading pleasure, I’ll just try to be clear and divide it in smaller pieces, ok?

I was born in 1975. I am a reporter at Swedish daily Sydsvenskan (”The South Swedish”, which is an abbreviation of the more formal ”Sydsvenska Dagbladet”, which translates to something like ”South Sweden Daily News”. We thought it was too long, and dropped it not too long ago. Nobody used the full name anyway.)

I work at the department for culture, life and arts, which leaves me covering everything from Ian McEwan’s latest novel and the Nobel prize to the equivalent of American Idol. I have great liberty writing there. Among other things I have two blank pages every Saturday to portrait a person of my choice. A book of my best interviews with authors, all published in that space, is going to be published here in Sweden this very month, which I am very excited about – even though I very well understand that journalistical compilations are safe non-sellers…

I am married, have two little girls and a big family all together, and I live in Lund, which relates to the more urban Malmö like Boulder to Denver – a university town, in every aspect of the word.

And I consider myself a lucky guy.

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