On translating the book

”The Google Code” or ”Google-koden” as it would be in Swedish, is not likely to be translated to another language. At least not English. Market filled. (But if anyone who speaks both languages volunteers to translate the book for free, starting by using Google Translate, and then editing, I will happily surrender the text!)

If I’m lucky, a Danish or Norwegian publisher might pick it up, but more likely, there will be someone in Denmark and Norway who, like me, wants to create an original work and include certain national implications of the subject. There is plenty of Sweden in ”Google-koden”, and intentionally so. Google is huge here. Well over 90 percent of the market share on search.

However, on language: My third book, ”The Universe of Lund”, is translated into English. But that is more of a coffee table style photo book, that I have written six separate texts for, and the topic is the university in my home town, which is one of Sweden’s largest and most prestigeous. In other words, if you haven’t been a student or a researcher at the university here, I really can’t recommend it. (But the pictures, taken by Per Lindström, professor of photography, are marvellous!)

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