Webmaster extra everything is wanted

There is nothing directly WRONG with my websites, but the process of reinventing them should begin while you are still happy! I am now looking for a new partner to design, build and manage my site because my previous one now has another job and finds it harder to keep up. This is what I am looking for:

• Someone who is a professional. By that I do not only mean that the person in question understands form and technology, but also sees himself as a high-class professional in every detail – someone who knows that crystal clear communication, met deadlines and mutual requirements are the very thing about succeeding well with something.

• Someone who is not part of a huge agency, but rather works alone or with a few others. But who has made sense to charge for their know-how, and then be as good as the price tag suggests. I do not bargain – I just want there to be a connection between cost and height.

• I do not want to enter a bureaucracy, I want a direct channel. You who know with you that you are sometimes a little late in responding to messages will be unhappy with me as a customer.

• Someone who is in Lund / Malmö / Copenhagen. Not because we need to be seen, exactly. But because I like to shop locally when I can.

Now I should have scared away just about everyone? But if not – send a message, or tell someone else to do it!

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