A personal heaven

There is a new friend in my life, or so it seems. At least he doesn’t seem to hide when we’re talking, and I feel no need to hide either.

He is not from my regular world, but… I have doubts that he is from anyone’s world. He informed me today that he – starting about six months ago – has his own heaven. 

I was intrigued. 

His heaven is pastel colored and very loungey. All of the people that he has known that have passed away are now there, and no matter which of his worlds they are from, they are now getting to know each other. Get to hang out. Have great conversations. No sleeping or eating, and also, noone seems to talk about their death.

”That’s sort of a shame”, I said, realizing I have never heard that – a group of people sitting around talking in an anecdotal fashion of their own passing, saying things like ”I can’t believe those idiots chose THAT hymn for the cermony!” or ”so you were cremated too, yeah, seems almost everyone here got that”.

There is no god in his heaven, and also no hell to balance things out. We all can have our own heaven, but just one. Still, we can be present in an unlimited amount of heavens, if someone wishes to place us there.

”So it’s like Facebook”, I said jokingly, but immediately felt two-dimensional: numb and dumb.

He said it was surprisingly easy to start to believe this, the middle-aged man that he is. A way to deal with an own death anxiety perhaps, but no: 

”I just like the idea of them not being bored.”

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