Credit – and pay! – where it is due

Whenever I give a talk around my book ”On Finding”, I use an absolutely beautiful graphic production designed by Elin Eriksson with John Guthed’s amazing photography. Towards the end, I also use a little less than a minute of ”Where the streets have no name”, that U2 song that seems to be able to reach almost anyone, anywhere.

I just filed my report for use of copyrighted material. It is a simple thing to do; I get to use a wonderful piece of music, the songwriters get paid. I love the copyright system, it is a smart and beautiful invention to guarantee the rights for people who are able to create something that many of us love and want.

And, while we are on the subject? 

I almost exclusively get booked to do something along the lines of my strongest keynote, ”Seven ways to own the world”. But I would suggest to anyone: broaden your horizons! Let me talk about the digital revolution in a way more soulful way. Have me come talk around ”On Finding” instead. It will be as helpful – but it will touch you personally way more.

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