Here we go!

Hans Kullin, one of my favourite bloggers, has passed along a blog challenge to me – and since his readers are all fancy and international, I thought I’d better do this one in English, in case someone takes the leap from Media Culpa all the way to here.

Awright, here we go – five personal wishes for the new year:

1. That all of the exciting family things coming up this year will go well. Two out of three grandparents will turn 90. The third one will be 95. And my sister will get married!

2. That I at least once will experience that wonderous feeling of flow, of concentration to a personal max, that will help me write my best piece so far. Hell if I knew how to make that happen…

3. That I will get to see my friend Dave and his family on Vancouver Island. It’s been too long.

4. That I will find the perfect razor. Shaving is a bore.

5. That more newspapers will follow the example of Post- och Inrikes Tidningar and just quit the damn print.