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Me on TWiG!

Ok, so this calls for an English blog post: Yesterday, I was a guest on the American talkshow ”This Week in Google” – a nerd’s dream, a weekly haven for those of us who have an unhealthy interest for everything googly.

The hosts are Leo Laporte, who founded the amazing TWiT network, along with author and media professor Jeff Jarvis and the wonderful Gina Trapani, web developer and one of my favorite media personalities all together. Yesterday’s episode was number 191 – and I haven’t missed a single one.

The show is available here, for example:

I am on for the opening story, which of course was this week’s big and entertaining stink about how Google lawyers put pressure on the Swedish Language Council, to redefine the word ”ogooglebar”, which means ”ungoogleable”, something that cannot be found through an internet search. We had a great time chatting about it – you be the judge if I made myself clear enough on the whole thing…

3 Kommentarer

  1. Marcus Almgren den 28 mars, 2013 kl 08:43

    ”unyahooable”, that even sounds Swedish!

  2. Jeff Jarvis den 29 mars, 2013 kl 05:48

    Great to have you on. Sorry you had to suffer through my Linux lesson.

  3. Andreas Ekström den 29 mars, 2013 kl 08:17

    That was interesting, I tried to listen and understand a little (and failed completely at that…)

    Thanks again, it was an honor and a pleasure for a TWiG fan!

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