My team

So again (after having received quick, skilled and crucial help for the umptieth time) I feel a strong need to point out that my job as a speaker and educator is ANYTHING but a one man show.

Elin – what would I do without Elin? A genius art director and bullshit detector, going for the target of the day like a missile.

Sara – saving me again and again from sounding silly. At least in terms of language. The rest might be a lost cause.

Nick, Fredrik, James, Saana and their amazing teams – not only do they take care of business, they also make sure to explain what I do and fit me with the right clients. ”Why do you need agencies, can’t you just take care of that yourself and keep more money?” says only people who have NO clue.

Hannah – webmaster extraordinaire.

Anton, Minna and Tove at Weyler, who every so often will publish something I write. Always game, always creative, always supportive. Tove’s design work with ”On Finding” should award her… well, awards.

Raul – who put his foot down to make sure I wear some real shoes when I stand in front of people. And other stuff too.

Lisa – keeping my eye on the ball when I fail to. Disagreeing, questioning, proving me wrong. Yet with unlimited support. (Unconditional love combined with intellectual resistance! Seek it, and when you find it, never let it go.)

Those people aside, there are also all those friends in Messenger threads, that allow me to just hang out and think aloud. Niklas and Carl and Lina and many many more. Friendship first, sure – but all else that can come out of good conversations added on top. Things you tell me can sometimes come out in front of an audience later that same day.

When being independent – make sure to make yourself dependent as soon as you can. It makes you better. And you have more fun.

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