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Om du är en journalist som söker ett bra jobb…

…så tycker jag att du ska spana in det här.

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  1. indy (utan hatt) den 9 oktober, 2012 kl 01:43

    i don’t know where to start but i think it is smart that they ask somebody to write for them because it looks like the writer right now is going on the high stadium because i have never seen a job advertising written in this funny style.

    look at this to example:

    1. We are hiring!
    2. We think you:
    3. Swedish is not a requirement, English is.
    4. It’s good if you are able to be based in Malmö or can be here every now and then. But with modern technology you can of course do the job from all over the world.
    5. Sounds like you?
    6. Write some sentences about yourself and list things you’ve done in the past that is relevant for this role.

    what is your favorit?

  2. Andreas Ekström den 10 oktober, 2012 kl 07:35


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