Om Malik is the man

A quote from his newsletter, concerning Facebook’s new digital currency project. You can find the otherwise mild-mannered and thoughtful Om at

”… It is incredible chutzpah from a company that is less trustworthy than a rattlesnake in your living room. So what do I think about Libra? Honestly, I don’t have an opinion yet. There are more questions than answers. The entire announcement lacks clarity, which is typical of Facebook. The company is sneaky in how and what it reveals. That is how they continue to fool so many smart people again and again. Once more, they have cobbled together a coalition of the willing — those who are gullible enough to believe Zuck and his acolytes. They have forgotten the lessons of gaming companies, app developers and media companies that were led up to the brink and then casually pushed over. What’s more, even some of the usual Facebook skeptics have bought into the company bullshit.”

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