One more thing…

”One more thing…” is most likely not what I said here, while speaking in Estonia not too long ago, since I always seem to have more than one thing left to say. 🙂 But, one more thing going into 2023:

Don’t be afraid about the future. It is more difficult to predict, yes. But that doesn’t have to mean that it is more dangerous. Lots to discover, lots to figure out!

I hope to see you on the road next year! To book me for seminars, keynotes, workshops and longer educational projects, tailor made and up to date, every time, always exploring our future through all things digital together with you – you know where to find me. Artificial intelligence, the future workplace, the democracy of the 2020’s and the massive shift in how we value different efforts, from arts to medicine, is just a small sample of the subjects I will address next year. But you knew that already, right? Have a happy new year!