Rough days

For the most part, I am doing okay. I really am. That liver transplant is likely to happen fairly soon. I am as ready as I can be. But the last couple of days, I have been hit by a fatigue that makes me feel like I am 150 years old and twice my weight.

It has happened before. It comes and goes. Yesterday I had a great few hours, prepping a massive barbecue meal that we had with friends in the back yard. But until about three in the afternoon, I was pretty sure we were going to have to settle for takeout. But then, all of a sudden, the system restarted somehow.

No pain. No anxiety. But I am getting a bit bored with this highly uninteresting disease. Tomorrow, I am going to the hospital to get my annual IV refill of some sort of liquid that hopefully will minimize the osteoporosis that apparently is included in my big old health fiasco package.

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