The best Swedish keynote speakers

…when you have already booked me, or considered me but not felt that I was the right fit, but you still want someone who talks about the future, the unknown, and does it through a filter of a digital and transformational mindset, that is.

(I mean, there are so many incredible educators and inspirers out there, but today I just wanted to direct your attention to some of my favorites who are sort of but not really but in a lot of ways in the vague same area of interest that I am. 🙂 Clear enough…?)

• If you wish to get a fascinating historic and analytical perspective about mankind, to understand the machine age: get Ashkan Fardost. 

• If you wish to understand transformational processes, and add a special layer of understanding the strange mechanisms of our financial systems: get Stefan Hyttfors.

• If you want examples and case studies that will make you go ”hm” and ”holy SHIT” at the same time: get Magnus Lindkvist. (If you are able – he has decided to become a police officer, because he felt that he was ready for a new challenge after more than ten years on the international speaking circuit. That’s a futurist and change agent who lives by his word!)

• If you want a technically well informed and culturally critical approach to the digital revolution: get Mattias Beijmo.

There are more, so many more. But I will limit this post to these four, professionals I have seen – I know them, I trust their seriousness when it comes to research and I have often been impressed at their teaching skills.

Should you wish to look further – don’t hesitate to send me a message. I will be happy to connect you with a couple of serious agencies, manned with people who care, for real, about quality. 

Have a great week, friends!