We’re hiring!

Lisa and I are proud and excited to share some news: We are hiring, for the first time! 

We have decided to try to work more pro bono – charging more when we can, so that we also can use some of our time for projects that are less likely to be immediately profitable.

My personal mission statement, if there can be such a thing, has for many years been to try to educate for digital equality. That is what I do when I speak, that is what I do when I write, that is what I do when I do corporate training of all kinds. And I can’t think of a more important place to do that than in politically unstable areas.

Such as the Middle East.

Such as Syria.

Rabaa Khatib, 26, is a Syrian refugee, now a culturally well established Swede, a bit of a language genius, and all in all an amazing person. We will work with her to navigate how we best can go about digital education and enlightment with all of the cultural and linguistical challenges that may arise, and we are starting as soon as we can.

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