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Goooooooood morning, America!

Friends, I have been lousy at updating the English blog for a while. I have just been too busy, too tired and too overwhelmed with the whole experience of taking ”The Google Code” to the market.

I have been interviewed well over thirty times in less than a month, the book and the Google story as such has been discussed all over the place. The coverage is way beyond what I could have hoped for, my publisher is excited like a kid. (He always is though…) Google pulling the plug in China was like winning the lottery – all of a sudden, all the news shows wanted comments… Very, very lucky for me.

Today, however, is a special day.

And I have had a rough night with very little sleep.

April 10th 2010 is the official release date for the book. It has been on the market for about two weeks already – selling enough for a second printing to be ordered! – but today is the day when all the big papers publish their reviews.

Five out of the six biggest papers have written large, thoughtful and by all measures very appreciative pieces about the book. Several of the smaller papers are on the ball today as well, also with generous praise.

Any negative critizism? Not really. Several critics ask for a stronger ”Google is evil”-conclusion and think that I should have been more outspokenly critical or negative. Fine, I chose not to do that. I prefer the reader drawing his or her own conclusions… Some request more analyzis, and they have a point – there are segments of the book where I wish I would have been able to reach a little deeper. On the other hand: The target audience is the average googler on the street, not the media nerds in my own phone book. I desperately wanted to avoid writing a tech-dude book.

In all, I feel relieved. And immensely grateful to all of you who helped me do this, Googlers and non-Googlers, close to a hundred people that in one way or the other took part in what has been the most exciting project in my working life. Thank you thank you thank you.

17 Kommentarer

  1. Hollie den 10 april, 2010 kl 03:07

    Congratulations! I can’t wait to read it!

  2. Andreas Ekström den 10 april, 2010 kl 03:36

    Let’s see if we can get it translated somehow…

  3. Dorte Ivarsen den 10 april, 2010 kl 03:49

    Congratulation – tillykke tillykke. It is so cool, I want to read it. Good job.

  4. Lauren den 10 april, 2010 kl 05:50

    Awesome job, Andy!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  5. Ehren den 10 april, 2010 kl 06:19

    Congrats, Andy!

  6. Joe den 10 april, 2010 kl 06:36

    That is awesome. Congrats!!!

  7. Eduardo Infante den 10 april, 2010 kl 06:52

    Congratulations, Andreas! I’d love reading the book. Where can I get it in my corner of the world?

  8. Andreas Ekström den 10 april, 2010 kl 06:54

    Eduardo: I doubt that that will happen, I am not counting on it to be translated. There is already plenty of great books about Google in English…

  9. Leigh Pechillo den 10 april, 2010 kl 07:48

    Wonderful news! That is so fantastic, Andy! Maybe they can be persuaded to have a third printing in English! 🙂 Proud of you, my friend!

  10. Jussi den 10 april, 2010 kl 07:56

    Congratulations Andy, I look forward to getting my hands on the book. It’ll be interesting to see what you mean by letting the reader do the analysis. That’s got two sides, especially if the thought reader is the average Joe – the conclusion side may remain thin, if the reader has to make it himself. On the other hand ready made analysis may hinder some good insights. Depends on the reader which works best.

  11. Rick den 10 april, 2010 kl 09:53

    Andy, congratulations on the new book and all of the great coverage! Have a great time this month enjoying all of the coverage!

  12. Belinda den 11 april, 2010 kl 12:47

    Congratulations Andy! What wonderful news! Enjoy every minute…you deserve it!

  13. Doyle den 12 april, 2010 kl 09:57

    WOW! You are, like, so famous and so cool (but you have always been to me!) Proud of you, friend! Enjoy the ride!

  14. Danielle den 17 april, 2010 kl 01:38

    Congrats! Another great accomplishment and yet another reason for me to learn Swedish!

  15. Andy den 18 april, 2010 kl 03:39

    Hi-5’s and congratulations all ’round, my friend. Enjoy and savour the moment… it’s an awesome accomplishment! If I get tremendously ambitious, maybe I’ll order a copy of the book, along with a Swedish-English dictionary, and see how I go?!? All the best…

  16. Andreas Ekström den 18 april, 2010 kl 08:06

    Andy: OR you could just google translate it! 🙂

  17. Astrid den 21 april, 2010 kl 07:35

    Bought your book by proxy (sent my brother to get it), and I can’t wait to come home to sweden so I can pick it up.

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