Om mitt ”thinking space”

För en tid sedan kontaktades jag av en PR-byrå på uppdrag av The Economist. Ungefär trettio svenska bloggare fick samma förfrågan, om att delta i ett slags gränslandsförsök mellan journalistik och markadsföring.

Jag deltar med viss tvekan, just därför: The Economist gör detta för att de är intresserade av det journalistiska greppet, men också, eller främst, för att få trafik från ett antal utvalda sajter som förhoppningsvis har viss densitet, eller vad man ska kalla det, i läsekretsen. (Tycker ni att ni har densitet, kamrater…?)

Här nedan är mina svar.



What is your current profession and how did you choose your career path (where did you study, learn, become inspired)?

I am a culture journalist at Swedish daily Sydsvenskan. I have wanted to do what I do for longer than I can remember; hence there is no ”turning point” or defining moment I can refer to…

Where did you grow up? How did it influence who you are today?

In small town Sweden, which, fortunately, is located very close to big city Sweden. I got a little bit of both: the familiarity, closeness and safety of the countryside; the culture, pulse and media of the metropolitan area.

What are you passionate about, outside of work?

My family. The close friends. The next close-friend-to-be. My next meal. My next pressing of any button that says ”submit” or ”publish” or ”save” or just a plain ”go!”.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Her name I won’t give you, but she is my child. She and her sister provides several great laughing opportunities each day. I take them all.

Your Thinking Space


Why have you chosen this as your thinking space?

Because it’s a nice old desk. Because it’s a symbol of something rare in a home with small kids: A place of order, solitude and silence. And because of the pictures there on the wall, from our honeymoon in North America eight years ago. We drove from Boston to Vancouver.

Can you tell us about the different objects featured in your Thinking Space?

Well, how about that outrageous piece of metal in the far corner? It really doesn’t serve as anyhing but a shelf for two pictures and a roll of stamps – but my great grandfather got it for his seventieth birthday. His name is engraved in the front. And it sits there to emphasize my need to belong. To emphazise each person’s dependence on the people that paved the way.

Your favourite blogs and websites

Do you have any favourite blogs or other websites that you check out regularly?

Does the pope wear a funky hat? I visit well over one hundred web sites every day, read well over one hundred blogs. A few blogs – most of them Swedish – that I recommend can be found at the right hand side of this very page.


There was one final question to this poll, but I will not answer it for one simple reason: It is obviously an out-of-context PR stunt…


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